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Dandruff prevention shampoo

Dandruff prevention shampoo, cleansing gel with a base of blueberry extract that contributes to effectively eliminating the bacterial flora responsible for dandruff without damaging the scalp. Thanks to the astringent properties of the tannins contained in the blueberry extract, it balances sebum levels on the scalp, reducing the inflammation and irritation caused by excessive secretion. Does not weigh down hair and leaves it clean, brilliant and soft.
Size: 250/1000 ml

Emergy F Lotion

Dandruff prevention phial

Dandruff prevention phial
Phial treatment with a balanced combination of mineral oils, climbazole and menthol extracts to reduce dandruff and associated irritations in a fast, long-lasting way, re-establishing a pleasant sensation of freshness. Provides a soothing and decongesting action against itching. Hydrates and improves microcirculation.
Size: 8 ml x 6 / 8 ml x 30
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