Performance HD
High-definition permanent hair colour
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High-definition permanent hair colour.
Provides superior definition for standard colouring and makes the tone extremely clean and vibrant.
Size: 80 ml tube


The high-definition colouring particles easily penetrate the hair scales and adhere perfectly to the structure. The colour remains firmly entrapped, ensuring intense, stable and, above all, long-lasting tone.
ELI Complex: a protective complex with a base of oily Helichrysum extract balances the structure of the hair from the roots to the ends for a perfect and uniform migration of the HD pigments, making the hair beautiful and silky.

Grey hair coverage

The shades of the Natural and Intense Natural, Warm Natural, Golden Natural and Sandy Natural series cover grey hair 100%.
The Sand, Intense Sand, Gold, Sand Gold, Pearl Gold, Ashy Sand, Ash, and Reds series cover grey hair up to 30%.
To achieve maximum coverage in 30 to 50% grey hair, add 1/3 of the Naturals series.
To achieve maximum coverage in 50 to 100% grey hair, add 1/2 of the Naturals series.