Bellessere Oil

50/125 ml

Beauty nectar for all types of hair. Protects the shaft with an ultra-light film that adds a silky soft feel and provides frizz control without weighing down. Makes it possible to create personalised rituals to round off and enhance Actyva treatments at the salon.

This product is certified Love Nature and ICEA Vegan.
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Directions for use

Pre-shampoo pack, on dry or slightly damp hair: brush the hair and apply in sections. Measure out a pump of product for each section and apply it directly to the ends; distribute, working your way up the mid-shaft and then comb. Once applied, leave on for 15-20 minutes. During the processing time, give the client a massage on the neck, shoulders and arms as indicated in the Welcome Massage section of the rituals manual. Then thoroughly wash the scalp and hair and proceed with the treatment that is best suited to the client’s needs.
Styling, on freshly washed, towel-dried hair: Work 1-4 pumps of product between your hands and apply uniformly to hair, starting from the ends and
avoiding the roots. Comb to distribute then blow out.
Pre-flat iron or curling iron, on dry hair: Work 1-2 pumps of product between your hands and apply uniformly to mid-shafts, starting from the ends and avoiding the roots. Proceed with the flat iron or curling service as usual.
Finishing or daily use, on dry hair: Work 1-3 pumps of product between your hands and distribute uniformly throughout mid-shafts, starting from the ends and avoiding the roots. 
NB. The optimal amount of product varies depending on hair length, thickness and degree of dryness or sensitisation