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Fascia 2 Fascia 2


"Anopulencethatcomesfromthe 1970sandusessartorialdetails, slimsilhouettes, precious materials, and saturated colours. For long and medium length hair the common features are geometric perimeters, layering, and gradations, which guarantee extreme styling versatility, from the most voluminous curls to silky smooth looks." "The short styles are instead very feminine, with their soft fringes and the play of weavings of the perimeters. Copper becomes “Blorange”, thanks to pastel veining. The “Lychee” alternative is brand new, with pink blended with yellow. For men hair is medium/short giving them the freedom to remain uncombed or" "the precision of the super-sleek effect."

Fascia 3 Fascia 3


Fusion of day and night, blend of styles, fabrics, and trends that mix and adapt to any occasion: technical fabrics, lace and silk, fluid forms, dark colours illuminated by metallic flashes. The hair is intense, black is back, but toned down with blue shades and asymmetrical forms, giving a new boldness to the classic bob. Cool browns provide tone-on-tone lightening that tend towards beige, soft forms and prominent fringes enliven medium/long styles, allowing freedom in the styling. Amethyst is the innovative touch of the season: emphasised by unique shapes, with choppy perimeters and de-structured weavings. For men hair is unisex and has a more rebellious look, uncombed, curly, without defined tones but with an abundance of weavings that can be played with when styling.