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Fashion Night fascia 2 Fashion Night fascia 2

Two hours of shows with 600 spectators, including 150 from overseas, with delegates hailing from Spain, Japan, Germany, Ireland, Russia and Ukraine. 22 hairstylists took to the stage of Spazio Novecento, in the Palazzo dell’Arte Antica in EUR, Rome, creating 22 hairstyles live across the show of Sunday 25th and the “work-show” of Monday 26th September.

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This was Kemon Fashion Night 2016, directed by Mauro Galzignato with the Hair team of The Italian Touch. A cruise show previewing the latest trends in hairstyling, specially organised in parallel with Milan and Paris Fashion Weeks. Sunday evening’s show kicked off with an introduction by Marketing Director Francesca Nocentini, alongside former Kemon events presenter Petra Loreggian, before Mauro Galzignato revealed the inspiration behind the show. Four continents, four important cultural influences, four distinct sections: America for styling, Europe for cuts, Africa for colour and Asia for up-dos.

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Once the hairstyles were complete, the models began the runway show among the spectators. After the gala dinner and the evening’s party, the same formula began again on Monday morning. A “work-show” named as such by Mauro Galzignato himself, who perfectly merged elements of both spectacle and training, as well as presenting a new concept – Kemon’s Blow Box Kemon service: a series of fast hairstyles which are timed at 10, 15 and 20 minutes, with a timer counting down while stylists worked on the models, followed by a runway show through the audience.