The Revolution In Hair Colouring The Revolution In Hair Colouring

The Revolution In Hair Colouring

From the research activity of Kemon’s laboratories and the principles of skin care comes the new Actyva Coloro.

This innovative way of colouring hair with bespoke performance offers intense and shiny results while fully respecting the scalp and hair, and allows for one-step lightening and toning thanks to its exclusive Alkela Complex technology.

The Permanent Hair Color The Permanent Hair Color

The Permanent Hair Color

This permanent hair colour range developed by Kemon’s laboratories expresses the most advanced cosmetic research that combines science and nature. It is the new way of providing a bespoke hair colour treatment to respond to every demand and need, and is formulated according to the principles of skin care.

The unique pluses of our formula:
- Equimolar formulation
- Up to 95% natural origin ingredients*
- ICEA Vegan certification

Coloro fascia 3 Coloro fascia 3


This standard stands on three pillars: transparency, Green&Clean formulas, and sustainability and safety for the environment and consumers.

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Skincare Skincare


The new face cream with 97% natural ingredients, offers a skin care solution using the same ingredients that make up the base formulation of Actyva Coloro The Permanent Hair Color.

It represents Kemon’s excellence by combining the passion for hair care and skin beauty in one revolutionary product.