Actyva 2 Actyva 2

The Fine Line
Between Science And Nature

Actyva is the balance between the allies that nature provides and scientific research, which turns them into valuable cosmetic ingredients that are enhanced, artfully dosed and balanced in perfect and incredibly effective formulas.

Actyva 3 Actyva 3

Tradition and

Actyva was launched in 1978 with the aim of enhancing the hairdresser's professional image and continues to be a highly specialised product line with a segmentation aimed at satisfying every need and featuring diagnosis and use procedures that even include sophisticated technological and professional tools.

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A New Standard Of Beauty

“Green&Clean Cosmetics” certification is related to a procedural guideline that we have imposed on ourselves. The goal is to set very high standards for the research and development of our Actyva line products.

Green & Clean


Lista linee Actyva Bellessere

Preserve the natural beauty
and health of hair and skin

Lista linee Actyva Colore Brillante

Enhance, protect and maintain the intensity and brilliance of the colour

Lista linee Actyva Volume e Corposità

Give body, density and volume to fine
and delicate hair

Lista linee Actyva Nutrizione

Restore dry or dried out hair
back to its nutritional balance

Lista linee Actyva Disciplina

Tame, soften and control 
frizzy and unruly hair

Lista linee Actyva Nuova Fibra

Restore aged, weakened or damaged hair, making it more uniform;
aintain cohesion of the fibre over time.


Lista linee Actyva Actyva Coloro

Innovative way of colouring hair with bespoke performance offers intense and shiny results while fully respecting the scalp and hair.