La linea sottile tra scienza e natura La linea sottile tra scienza e natura

The fine line
between science and nature

The line's tagline - The fine line between science and nature - expresses what has always guided and directed the Actyva research. We seek to create the perfect combination of tradition and innovation to bring together the functionality of science and the gentleness of nature.

Rituali Rituali


Today's informed, demanding and selective consumers are more conscious about how they spend their money and prefer personalised and quality services. For this reason, Actyva has come up with a simple and detailed method, broken up into "four steps": professional consultation, customised service, specific massage techniques and checking results are the four pillars of our partners' communication and development.

Storia Storia


Actyva was created in Umbria's Upper Tiber Valley as an exclusive hair care line for hairdressers. It includes treatments and services produced with the highest standards of quality, to make their business grow and stand out in the market. Today like in 1978, Actyva aligns science and nature for the service of beauty, a never-ending search for the perfect synergy between natural ingredients and technologically advanced raw materials.

Valori Valori


Actyva uses over 40 naturally-derived ingredients that work synergistically with the latest cosmetic research discoveries. 

Our professional treatments have been designed to enhance the beauty of hair while maintaining the scalp healthy.

Actyva products are specifically formulated to be extremely gentle and ensure immediately visible results.  

Actyva is a line conceived, developed and produced in Italy.


Lista linee Actyva Bellessere

Preserve the natural beauty
and health of hair and skin

Lista linee Actyva Colore Brillante

Enhance, protect and maintain the intensity and brilliance of the colour

Lista linee Actyva Volume e Corposità

Give body, density and volume to fine
and delicate hair

Lista linee Actyva Linfa Solare

Protect, nourish and quench the thirst of
sun-exposed hair and skin

Lista linee Actyva Nutrizione

Restore dry or dried out hair
back to its nutritional balance

Lista linee Actyva Disciplina

Tame, soften and control 
frizzy and unruly hair

Lista linee Actyva Nuova Fibra

Restore aged, weakened or damaged hair, making it more uniform;
aintain cohesion of the fibre over time.


Lista linee Actyva P Factor

Prevent hair loss and keep hair healthy;
counteract the harmful effects of free radicals

Lista linee Actyva Specifici

Beautiful hair
begins with a healthy scalp