Nuova Fibra 2 Nuova Fibra 2

Nuova Fibra

For brittle and weakened hair, ACTYVA offers NUOVA FIBRA: products designed to restore strength, a compact look and substance to hair. The line includes an in-salon treatment that increases the hair’s diameter and elasticity*.

*Test performed by comparing damaged hair treated with Nuova Fibra reconstruction to damaged hair treated only with a non-specific shampoo.

Nuova Fibra fascia 2 Nuova Fibra fascia 2

Maintain the cohesion of the fibre over time

Reconstruct the mid-shafts; restore uniformity, a compact look, strength and substance.

Nuova Fibra Pouch Bag Nuova Fibra Pouch Bag

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Pouch Bag

Per una scelta eco-sostenibile Actyva propone i nuovi formati:

*Pouch Bag 500 ml
*Pouch Bag 100 ml
formato "travel size"
Flacone 500 ml ricaricabile e in alluminio 100% riciclato.

Nuova Fibra Shampoo
Nuova Fibra Shampoo

100*/250/500*/1000 ml

Nuova Fibra Mask
Nuova Fibra Mask

100*/200/500*/1000 ml

Nuova Fibra Serum
Nuova Fibra Serum

30 ml x 12