Direct dye cream with an acidic pH that conditions and illuminates hair.

12 shades that can be intermixed, including 8 intense colours, 3 pastel colours and 1 Clear neutral base to modulate and soften the intensity of the tones.

Ready-to-use product, perfect to tone streaks or create all-over colour on bleached or colour-treated bases.

Coloful details Coloful details

Colour Range

The range consists of 12 shades: 8 intense colours that produce bright, vivid tones; 3 pastel colours that produce softer, more delicate tones; and 1 clear, a neutral base that used in combination with any one shade, modulates and softens the intensity of the shade’s tone.

The Intense shades are all intermixable, as are the pastel shades, making it possible to create unique, custom looks. The Clear base can be used with any shade or mixture of shades to modulate and soften the tone. The quantity to use will depend on desired result. The colour achieved from the mixture of the shades and Clear base is seen instantly in the bowl and reflects the colour result after application.