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Natural and
Invisible results

COLORING delivers natural, invisible results, the freedom of a subtle, gentle change that enhances your look without changing it completely. It covers grey hair while minimising root regrowth, extending the time between colour treatments.

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Abyssinian oil

The COLORING formulas are ammonia-free to ensure the highest comfort. The key ingredients include Abyssinian oil, which adds shine and softness and makes hair easier to detangle while also strengthening the hair fibre to make it less prone to breaking.

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Coloring System

A tone-on-tone hair colour with a creamy texture, COLORING comes in 100 ml tubes and is available in 49 intermixable shades divided into 16 colour series with two special series: Brilliant Camo and Grey Camo. All of the shades can be applied directly to grey hair without the need to mix them with the natural series. 

Grey Mousse 1 Grey Mousse 1

Grey Mousse

A kit for progressive masking of grey

The natural cool shade lets you achieve discreet, natural results, gradually masking white hair into a salt and pepper grey tone. 

It is fast and easy to apply, making it possible to provide a quick service directly at the wash basin, and it is also perfect for at-home use.

Grey Mousse 2 Grey Mousse 2

Grey Mousse Kit

It is an ammonia-free progressive foam hair colour that you get by mixing Coloring Grey Lotion, with activator Coloring Mix 2 Vol.

The Grey Mousse Kit contains 4 single-dose bottles (4 ml ea.) of Grey Lotion and 1 multi-dose pack (100 ml) of Coloring Mix 2 Vol.