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Boost of energy

As a result of lifestyle changes, stress and hormonal imbalances the number of people who complain of fragile hair that is prone to falling out has increased continually over the past few years, and the condition is manifesting at a younger and younger age.

To give new strength and life to this type of hair, Liding brings Energy: three simple steps that work synergistically to revitalise the scalp and reinforce hair.

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Ginseng and
caffeine extract

The remarkable technology behind Liding Energy products owes its effectiveness to two high-performance and naturally-derived ingredients known for their invigorating properties.

The ginseng extract has stimulating and toning properties, while caffeine reactivates micro-circulation and reinforces the hair at the root, promoting healthy and vital growth.


Energy Shampoo
Energy Shampoo

Energising shampoo for weak hair prone to falling out.

Energy Treatment
Energy Treatment

Hair and scalp energising treatment

Energy Lotion
Energy Lotion

Energising lotion