Kit Unamy Control

Semi-permanent hair taming treatment

Treatment specifically designed to eliminate frizz and control, define or relax the shape of any type of hair.
It is ideal for achieving lustrous, silky and manageable hair, resulting in faster and longer-lasting styling results.
Unamy Control is available in 2 strengths, Intensive and Light, to use based on the hair’s degree of sensitisation and which enable 2 services, Smooth and Straight.

The Kits contain:
Control Pre-Treat, pre-treatment cleanser.
Formato: 20ml x2

Control Intensive o Light, intensive or light hair taming treatment.
Size: 400ml

Control Mask, silkiness and control mask.
Size: 500ml

Control details Control details

Discover all the pluses

2 formaldehyde-free formulas: Intensive and Light
Semi-permanent hair taming service
Eliminates frizz Tamed, silky soft hair for up to 10/12 weeks
Makes styling at home quicker
Without neutraliser
Pleasant citrus fragrance
Fully respects hair