Unamy Seta

Controlled hair, soft and brilliant like silk.

Exclusive silk-effect smoothing treatment

Just a few and simple steps to achieve excellent results. Easy to use.

Can be applied on any type of hair with customised results.

The range is simple and lean. Just a few products to buy.

Hair instantly looks healthier, more beautiful and full of vitality and results last up to three months.

Unamy Seta details Unamy Seta details


Unamy Silky Complex technology, a synergistic complex:

Hydrating, emollient action

Keratin hydrolysate
Gives hair a lustrous, healthy appearance

Glyoxylic acid
Reinforces the hair structure by forming new internal bonds

Unamy Seta details 2 Unamy Seta details 2

Unamy Seta Complex

Through their combined action, the active ingredients in Unamy Seta Complex act on the hair's natural bonds by forming new ones and, at the same time, they nourish and fill the damaged areas while also smoothing the hair structure, giving softness, lustre and vigour.

Unamy Seta details 3 Unamy Seta details 3

Salon products

Unamy Seta Pre-Treat*
A cleanser that removes impurities and prepares the hair for treatment.
Size: 400 ml

Unamy Seta Intensive & Unamy Seta Light

The special smoothing treatment that gives long-lasting results. Available in two strengths (intensive and light). Size: 400 ml

Unamy Seta details 4 Unamy Seta details 4

At-home maintenance programme

To extend the effect of the treatment obtained at the salon

Unamy Seta Shampoo
Paraben free SLS- and SLES-free
Cleanses hair gently, making it silky and manageable with a luminous shine.
Size: 250 ml

Unamy Seta Mask
Paraben free
This intense treatment removes tangles, eliminates frizz and gives hair a silky feel.
Size: 200 ml

Unamy Seta Leave-In  
Paraben free Leave-in treatment.
It defines and shapes curls or gives a smooth, silky effect.
​Size: 100 ml