Love Nature Love Nature

Love Nature

This certification is connected to a specific procedural guideline that Kemon has set upon itself for the protection of the environment and consumer health. In it, there is a long list of ingredients that are allowed to be used in cosmetics but that we have chosen to eliminate from our products because, even if only suspected,they may cause harm to the environment or the health of those who come in contact with them. The ICEA, an internationallyrecognized organisation and among the most influential in the industry, periodically performs audits to ensure compliance with certification requirements.

Icea Vegan Icea Vegan

ICEA Vegan

In the ingredients and throughout the entire production cycle of Actyva products, no raw material, process aid or auxiliary agent of animal and/or GMO origin is used.

Green PE Green PE

Green PE

The new packaging, bottles and tubes, are made from recyclable Green PE. This innovative material is not produced from petroleum but from sugarcane grown in Brazil in controlled areas that are far away from the Amazon forest. The raw material is renewable, unlike petroleum, and the derived polymer has a very favourable environmental impact, helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Where applicable, the product packaging is marked with the following certification labels: ICEA Vegan, Love Nature, and I'm Green , which certifies the percentage of biopolymer used.