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KNOW fascia 2


K-NOW as in Kemon, now: what its deemed as beautiful, today, by Kemon, creates culture and deserves to be described, photographed and published on the pages of the brand’s magazine. K-NOW as in know: understanding, conveying a message, expressing our own values through design ranges linked to hair fashion collections which transcend seasonality, integrated in urban or natural settings. The aim is to propose a true and visionary concept of beauty, in line with the Kemon tagline: true, visionary beauty.
K-NOW continues to elaborate its decade-long project The Italian Touch, opening out to the world and exporting Italian hairstyling flair in this edition, shot entirely in Miami. A shoot which bears testament to the multidisciplinary potential of the hair fashion sector: styles, services and products are linked to in-depth art and lifestyle reports with the aim of conveying a broader and enriching message. We believe the hair sector deserves nothing less.
Know 1 fluid Know 1 fluid


Fluidity of gender, age, attitude. Fluidity as the freedom to move within social confines stretched to limits which only a short time ago would have constituted provocation, protest, diversity. FLUID is a play of stylistic equilibria for women with a strongly feminine attitude who also have fun externalising a more androgynous side.

Know 2 trip Know 2 trip


Ethnicity/Multi-ethnicity are cornerstones of a transversal connectivity which enables us to relate with others and our surroundings. A mix of global/local, social/real life, digital/ analogue. A message which opposes the taboo of “diversity”, inviting us to create spaces for sharing and comparison.