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K-NOW shoots the new Kemon Autumn/Winter 2018/2019 fashion-hair collection in Berlin. A city of stories which stratify in the decades, where every wall, every coffee shop, and public toilet tells a story of freedom, transgression, emancipation. A city where the concept of Newstalgia is current, the union between old and new, a mix of cultures, epochs, references and aesthetic movements. Newstalgia is inspired by the past, it reinterprets it and creates the new with the aim also to look after and optimize resources. A growing trend which is also good for the planet. “From it derives a beauty translated in an aesthetic of quality: this is our trend - explains Mauro Galzignato, Artistic Director of the collection
Products and creations which are beautiful yes, but always functional.” A comfort intended as a necessity to be well mentally, physically and aesthetically. As such the research for a sustainable, ethical and above all personalized beauty will be dedicated to finding the unicity of everyone. “And the added value will be the professional explaining her/his creations through a knowledgeable storytelling of art, design, culture and costume. For a fashion concept as vast as possible” (Mauro Galzignato).
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An urban attitude, casual, with syles reminiscent of the past, reinterpreted in a new way. The hair balances the look between excess and the trivial. Warm colours are harmonized by unusual cold, blond blends enriched by some more intense nuances. The audacity of raspberry colour. Style shapes are crumpled with waves, curls and slight movement, enhanced by the season’s fashion: the fringe

Know 2 Mood 2 Know 2 Mood 2


A mix of past and future which makes us look back to the '70s and' 80s, for self-confident women. Intense nuances, which are apparently uniform, while being packed with barely perceptible facets, enhanced by geometric lines, with layering and movement, which give a new sense of freedom even to the most rigid styles.