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Historically a free city and the last bastion of the fight against Franco in the Spanish Civil War, Barcelona lives and breathes through experimentation. For decades the cutting edge spirit of the capital city of Catalonia has evinced an innovative longing for change: from the architecture of Gaudí, with his hyper-revolutionary stylings, through the art of Miró, Picasso and Dalí; haute cuisine, which exists in the form we know today thanks to the genius of Ferran Adrià; the cinema of Almodóvar, literature of Ruiz Zafón, Vázquez Montalbán and the words of Orwell, etc.
Awareness and respect for the environment have become values the world over and, so, if the colours and fabrics evoke earthy, natural feelings, then "the hair shall adapt accordingly and round out the concept, bursting with nuances that seem merely monochromatic yet are rich in varying intensities, breathing life into subtle movements". The working world also plays a key role: "Gender equality, renewed women's solidarity and the end of outdated and unreal stereotypes have seen the birth of a characterful inclusive aesthetic that is revealed through strong colours and geometric lines. And it is here that the hair plays a quintessential part, transmitting a message through bold shapes and colours while simultaneously promoting versatility and swift changes of look".
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Sustainable is no longer "alternative", rather it has become both the wished for and the responsible. Thus, fashion became "Wellness": gentle, comfortable shapes that can enhance reignited femininity, and sneakers for leisure time, but also for a comfortable journey to work. The hair conjures up the heat and grace of the new season, through a wealth of enriching and enchanting colours, with subtle hints of clay, hazelnut, tobacco and the ultra-fashionable Cantaloupe. The shape of the cuts does not take the eye away from the colours, instead enhancing them with gentle structures enabling versatility in the styling and reinforcement where necessary thanks to the boldly trendy baby bang.

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Novelty is in the air, fostering concepts such as equal rights, diversity, inclusivity and fluidity. Fashion is especially inspired by this latter, creating clothing which are both strongly masculine while still reinforcing femininity and the character of their wearer. The neutral colours of the garments are the perfect canvas on which to paint in contrast to the hair: darker versions where an intense coffee or chocolate is used, lightly tempered with warmer streaks; pearly champagne versions through a combination with the chin bob, boldly assuming the role of candidate to be next season's number one cut.