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Nowadays “heritage” - from the Latin ‘hereditas’ (“inheritance”) - is linked to the concept of cultural heritage passed down through the generations; “cultural heritage” in the sense of knowledge, identity, wisdom shared by a community. A heritage in transformation, mutable, one that by its very meaning (i.e. “pass on wisdom so it may be updated and expanded”) seeks to foster respect for human diversity and creativity. And that is why we decided to shoot our S/S 2019 Collection in Cape Town, to repurpose and expand our ongoing search for true beauty, as imperfect as it may be, looking beyond such stereotypes as shape, age, race and gender, in a natural evolution of the modern concept of fashion.
“Creativity undoubtedly retains its importance, but it requires enrichment through competence, knowledge and professionalism, seeking to always represent truth. In such a time when fake news and digital filters tend to leave people mystified, prejudicing them against images of all sorts, we must be able to use such images as brief stopovers within the heart of a genuine story. They must show experiences that are both tangible and achievable and, at times, enabling us to dream of what might be. Because, after dreaming of such a thing, our greatest desire is that one day it might come true” (Mauro Galzignato).
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Future Actyve

The evolution of the "sportswear" scene has led to a disconnect with actual physical activity, yet retaining comfort and easiness to pull on these outfits. Future Active reveals a future that is ever more bound to technology and the digital world with hair as a sign of practicality and character, revealed through shorter, easier to manage cuts, which retain their power through evident fringes and intense colours taken from a vast palette: paler blondes, aquamarine blues and metallic browns.

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Cultural Fusion

A modern understanding of "ethnic": a greater contact between cultures that are world's apart allows for an interesting mix and match that is both significant and full of character. Hair represents balance, taste and harmony, with shapes that evoke a delicate smoothness and fluidity, thus necessitating lengthy crossovers; the colours are there to represent nature: as the leitmotif, blonde is enriched with flashes of sand and coral; the browns are earthy, riddled with amber seams.