Lunex Restore

Additive in a micellar solution for use in bleaching, with a restorative and protective effect.

Adding Lunex Restore to the bleaching mixture helps to protect and maintain the hair fibre compact during bleaching. Tests done at the Kemon research and development laboratories have shown that a bleaching service done with Lunex Restore makes the hair stronger and more resistant to breakage. Lunex Restore does not affect the lightening power or processing time of the bleach with which it is mixed.

Restore details Restore details


Simple and quick to mix.
More uniform and performing mixture texture.
Maximum protection of the hair during bleaching.
Does not alter the lightening power and processing
time of the Bleach.
Extreme lightening with maximum cosmetic effect.
Restorative action that leaves hair soft, lustrous and fullbodied,
stronger and more resistant to breakage.
Lightening uniformity.
Can be used with any type of bleach (powder, paste).
Can be used with all lightening techniques.

BCC Lunex BCC Lunex

Bond Creator Complex

The exclusive Bond Creator Complex (BCC)* is a complex of naturally occurring molecules. Its restorative activity protects the hair from the possible side effects of the bleaching process.

*Patent registered in Italy, USA and patent pending in Europe